CPS Plus Professional Ver 6.9

CPS Plus Professional data acquisition software enables USB and RS-232 devices like bar code scanners, stripe readers, scales, sensors, laboratory instruments, microcontrolers to communicate with any Windows application.
Operates with multiple serial ports simultaneously! Configurable data filters to get data you want from the input strings. Log options: dynamic file mode, keystroke mode, DDE mode (Excel, Access ...), RS232 to ODBC database. Parsing and filtering more complex data structures.
For use in professional environments.

CPS Plus Standard Ver 6.9

CPS Plus allows serial RS-232C devices like bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, scales, sensors, lab instruments, microcontrollers... etc to communicate with any Windows application.

Multiple serial ports used simultaneously! Fully configurable data filters.

HDS1504 for Symbol Motorola CS-1504 scanners Ver 4.0.1

HDS1504 Data Acquisition Software For Symbol/Motorola CS1504 bar code scanners.
HDS1504 enables configuration and communication with SC1504 barcode scanners.

O2001SSW for Opticon OPN-2001 scanners Ver 1.5.5

O2001SSW - Data Acquisition Software For Opticon OPN-2001 bar code scanners.

OPN2001 Wedge Software enables barcode data collection from Opticon 2001 pocket memory scanners (OPN2001).

CPS Barcode Wedge Ver 6.9

Serial data acquisition software (RS232 and USB) - enables barcode scanners/readers to communicate with any Windows application.

Advanced data logging options.